New LinkedIn Features 2022 - That will take your business to the next level

linkedin features list

LinkedIn is the most effective and indispensable tool for marketers and job seekers. We give you some of the latest LinkedIn features to benefit your business. Some of the features are already existing and updated recently, and others are newly launched, either updated or existing; these features' goal is to help you improve your company's page visibility and increase your traffic.

These latest Linkedin features and benefits will help you connect with your audience, provide quality content to share, boost your ads, improve visibility, attain more traffic, and promote your brand.

Find out the Linked features list below :

LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn announced the new feature "LinkedIn stories," followed by Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Users can easily add their photos or videos as their Linkedin stories. You can customize it with additional text, music, filters, etc. This feature helps to increase engagement and share professional profiles with updates. Like all other social media, the story will disappear in 24 hours, and the maximum length of the story is 10 seconds. This update is currently available for premium users. Upgrade your LinkedIn profile to add your account.

LinkedIn Live

Linkedin live has been familiar to you for the past two years. But now, it will be more beneficial for marketers to increase their live engagement with customers and other followers daily. Yes! Simply, it's like Facebook or Instagram live but in a more professional way. Linkedin recently brought together reach and engagement on LinkedIn live with planning and scheduling LinkedIn events, all in one simplified experience.

New updates allow you to stream in advance and automatically notify your followers when you go live. In this way, you can increase the traffic of your live stream.

Reach and Frequency Forecasting

Social media managers waited a long time for this feature, and finally, Linkedin launched it. This tool makes it easy to predict to whom the information will reach. It will help you reach your ads to targeted audiences, and it's worth your time and money. Linkedin is necessary for organizations and marketers to improve their business and grow their brand. So they always make updates and launch.

New Industries for Pages

For helping organizations present their brand on LinkedIn, they updated the feature "New industries pages." The page admin can choose over 400 industries for their page, which will improve the page's visibility and findability. New sectors like "Financial Services," "Social Networking Platforms," "Technology, Information," and many more are available when LinkedIn launches this update.

LinkedIn Articles

Linkedin is different from other social media platforms because it focuses on professionals and business connections, and Linkedin articles are related to business or your company. With the help of LinkedIn articles, you can make better and more searchable content that will give you more engagement, new potential connections, and more merits. Usually, LinkedIn pages restrict regular news updates, but linked articles have an exception. You can write long-form articles with profound and essential topics for your audience.

Updates to invite-to-follow

Linkedin allows the admins to invite their first-degree profile connections to follow your page through the updated feature "Invite- to -follow." This update will be beneficial for small companies or startups to boost their followers. Also, employees can invite their connections to the page. It will increase your page followers and become a better opportunity to make organic traffic to your posts and company pages. Spending 10 minutes per day inviting people to your page is worth it, and it is important to share quality content regularly to keep your followers.


We all know the importance of boosting a quality post or article. Linkedin is similar to Facebook's feature to promote a post or campaign. With just a few clicks, you can select the targeted audience, campaign duration, and billing information. Raising your paid ads will increase the traffic to your page and get more leads with potential customers. Boosting will help get the best results and maximize the reach of the targeted audience.


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