Instagram New Features-2022

new instagram features

Instagram never fails to entertain their audience. Instagram constantly adds and removes its features to make it more professional and organised. If you want your Private or professional account trending, keep updated with the latest Instagram features and adjust your account with them. This article will help to find how to use these new Instagram features. This article adds the newest business features for the creators and brands.


Instagram comes up with a new update for parents to restrict their kids' and their teens' use of Instagram. These updates allow parents or guardians to set time limits and monitor how much time their kids spend on Instagram, notify the parents when their kids share stories or anything, View and receive updates on what accounts their teens follow and the accounts that follow their teens. However, this option is currently available in the US and will be released globally soon. From experts' Views, this feature will be a safeguard for the teenagers on this platform.

Creator Lab

Instagram adds these new features as an education portal to empower the budding creators. They developed a creator lab with the successful creators to share their journey's experience, hardship, and tips to help the new ones. This will help the latest creators to find ideas for what works for them and make it unique.

This new update will be more helpful for the creators to get more income from Instagram by creating more engagement with brands.

Private story likes

As the name suggests, users can like the personal story without DM. This feature will help the users to express their interest in the topic and support other users. The like will be private, but, If you want to know how many likes your story gets, do it by accessing the story's viewers as the likes will appear next to the viewers' names. This will be more helpful for users with many followers who are struggling with excessive DMs.

Instagram Guides

Instagram guides are like short blogs. They allow you to scroll through content and comment on it. This feature is unlike any other Instagram feature because you can curate posts, products, and locations altogether with comments. Check out Instagram guides on your profile and experience the benefits.

Your activity

Instagram launched its new feature, "Your Activity." This feature for all the users can view and manage all their activities, "People will now be able to bulk manage (delete, archive) their content and their interactions like, comments and story reactions, etc. Users can search for comments, likes, and replies from particular date ranges. Your activity icon can be seen in the profile menu in the top right corner.

Take a look at the following Instagram Business Features that will help you in enhancing your marketing strategies in 2022.

Partnership Inbox

Creators on Instagram receive a lot of DMs about their products and queries. Due to this influx of messages, creators will miss the opportunity to find potential clients. Instagram developed a "Partnership inbox" (a subfolder) within DMs to see high-priority notes. The creators can quickly find and manage their communication in one location.

Instagram shop and checkout

Add yours is a new sticker in Instagram stories. It's relatively simple, If someone writes and shares a prompt in their story, a viewer can respond with their spin. Viewers can participate in this trend by replying to it through photos or videos. Also, you can click the sticker and view everyone who has contributed to that thread. This will increase interactivity and shareability. This is beneficial for marketers to spark the conversation and show their brand's creative side.

Story links

For past years only verified Instagram profiles can add links to Instagram stories. This feature is beneficial for influencers, businesses, and creatives. Now Instagram updates these features for all the users who want to share content through stories. The link sticker feature has been given out to Instagram users all across the world. Links within Instagram Stories will appear as an on-screen sticker that viewers can tap to access, rather than swiping up, as they did previously. This is likely in an effort to be more clear about what you're clicking on.


Instagram launched a subscription feature that allows creators to charge a monthly subscription price from their customers. Creators can set a "subscribe" option in their profile and offer exclusive content and benefits for their followers. This will help the creators make a living from Instagram for their efforts. But all the creators are going through a review process before being ready to start raising money.


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